Storage Tank Fire Fighting by FoamFatale – Principle

Working principle of FoamFatale™: how can storage tank fire fighting be so simple and effective?

Completely new foam-making and foam application method was developed in order to solve your firewater and manpowerrelated problems. This is the FoamFatale™ technology. The key elements of the storage tank fire fighting system are the followings:

  • foam premix stored under pressure in the pressure vessel
  • valve, normally closed, opens on the sign of heat detectors
  • continuous linear nozzle, a slot on the ring shaped tube, mounted on the upper circumference where the foam exists, directed to the inner side of the wall of the tank

The storage tank fire fighting by FoamFatale™ is the following:

  • the fire is on
  • the heat detectors detect the fire
  • their sign opens the valve
  • the pressurized foam begins to expand
  • the foam exits through the continuous linear nozzle
  • the foam flows down the inner side of the wall of the tank
  • the foam front runs towards the center of the tank
  • the foam creates a completely closed foam blanket

The automatic and autonomous Self Expanding Foam SEF® system responds immediately after the ignition. It does not require any external supply of water or energy to operate. The fire surface is totally covered in maximum two minutes from the ignition. Therefore there is no time for the development of environmentally dangerous smoke or soot. The major part of the stored material is also saved. Due to it’s working principle, FoamFatale™ storage tank fire fighting is considered to be representative of the Best Available Technology. Press “Play” to see the working principle of FoamFatale™, what happens in case of fire!


The design, manufacturing and installation is solely authorized by the technology and IP owner, Regional Energy & Environment EST., Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


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