The Saudi Arabian Chevron Project

Saudi Arabian Chevron approved FoamFatale Technology


Saudi Arabian Chevron (SAC) upgrades the existing firefighting installations at the Mina-Saud facility in Kuwait with FoamFatale system to meet the requirements of SAC standards.

Project background

SAC, recognizing the need to upgrade their existing fire protection systems on their tank storage facility, decided to install a FoamFatale Fire Protection System, featuring a leading edge proportional response and automated maintenance functionality. The recently known high edge newest generation FoamFatale technology is called FoamFatale 2.0, featuring the Progressive Response and Supervised Maintenance functionality represents a significant advance in the state of his originally conceived art.

Previous situation

The previous firefighting system consisted of the following:

  • A fire water pump station at the jetty area, using sea water as the source of fire water
  • Fire water loop with hydrants and monitors
  • Fixed water spray systems for crude storage tanks supplied by the fire water loop
  • Foam systems for rim-seal fire protection of the ten crude storage tanks
  • Portable monitors for cooling and exposure protection of storage tanks
  • Deluge system at the shipping pump station supplied by the fire water loop

The FoamFatale system for Saudi Arabian Chevron

FoamFatale 2.0 Hydrocarbon Storage Tank Fire Extinguishing system: it is an improved version of the earlier FoamFatale systems. This provides much faster response, even shorter extinguishing time, and a high tech Batch Control System that is not only detecting the ignition of the fire, but also detects the successful extinguishment, therefore saves foam, saves environment and provides higher security.