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FoamFatale® is the only waterless

automatic storage tank fire extinguishing technology

The extinguishing time is always less than 2 minutes. The size of the tank is not a concern

“We chose FoamFatale to protect our large tank farm because FoamFatale is the only firefighting system, that can really extinguish the large storage tank fires – Venazcio Flores, CTO, Saudi Arabian Chevron, Mina Al-Zour, Kuwait”

Advantages of the FoamFatale® technology

FoamFatale in action

Former technologies

  • Unreliable, complicated technology
  • Long preparation time (sometimes hours)
  • Very long extinguishing time (sometimes days)
  • Low performance
  • Manpower needed
  • Designed according to old-fashioned standards
  • Experiences in the most cases: storage tank fires lead to disaster!

Experiences in most cases:

  • Storage tanks are burning for days
  • Enormous losses (tank rebuilding, losses in product)
  • Unacceptable air pollution

The FoamFatale® technology

  • Does not require water at all
  • Automatic intervention within 5-10 seconds after ignition
  • Excellent performance: extremely fast extinguishment (max 2 min). Independently from the size of the storage tank
  • Works without the intervention of any personnel
  • Minimal air pollution
  • Both tank and stored product are saved
  • Low CAPEX
  • Low OPEX
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Prevents the disaster

No mercy for the fire. Foam Fatale!

The brand name of the technology is play on words, originated from the word “Femme Fatale“. The phrase is French for “fatal woman”. A femme fatale is a mysterious and seductive woman whose charms ensnare her lovers, often leading them into compromising, dangerous, and deadly situations. The name of FoamFatale® aims also at its main feature. The uncharitable extinguishing foam irresistibly overwhelms the fire. The storage tank fire has no chance to survive.


It is common knowledge that multiplying the standard foam application rate greatly increases the success rate of fire extinguishing.

Superintensive Foam Flooding

FoamFatale® technology uses 20-30 l/min/m2 foam solution intensity. This is the Superintensive Foam Flooding (SFF) system.

Self Expanding Foam® system

Self Expanding Foam logo

Unlike in traditional foam supply systems, the foam is not generated at the time and location of fire fighting, but well in advance, and is stored under pressure in the storage unit.

Continuous Linear Nozzle

In order to accommodate the huge foam flow, the technology uses CLN. CLN is the patented Continuous Linear foam application Nozzle. The ring-shaped CLN consists of a round pipe. It is installed at a small distance from the internal wall of the tank. Runs over its full circumference. The diameter of the pipe is properly dimensioned for the foam flow it has to handle.

System operation

In case of fire, the heat detectors open the master valve. The Self Expanding Foam® immediately expands in the pipeline. Reaching the Continuous Linear Nozzle, exits through it. Then flows down on the inner side of the wall of the tank. Further runs on to the surface of the liquid, towards the center of the tank. The extending foam blanket will close in a very short time. The foam blanket will be so thick that there is no danger of reignition.

To have a clear picture of the FoamFatale®, have a look at the working principle now!