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FoamFatale® is an automatic storage tank firefighting technology that can extinguish extreme fires in huge tanks. Extinguishing time is always less than 2 minutes. Moreover, the size of the tank is never a problem. The fire is extinguished. Guaranteed.

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storage tank firefighting can be hopeless
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Storage tank firefighting has undoubtedly always been a challenge. Although approved by many authorities and certified by many international institutions, the storage tank firefighting technologies used so far can hardly extinguish large storage tank fires. The reason is simple. First, they generally cannot provide the necessary foam intensity due to physical performance limitations. Therefore, in the event of a very intense fire, the foam will likely be destroyed faster than the supply arrives. As a result, they cannot form a closed foam blanket to cut off the fire from oxygen. To overcome these limitations, there is – so far – no generally applicable, tangible solution. In summary, while everyone recognizes the importance of disaster prevention, technological developments still need to meet the needs.

The different operating principles of the FoamFatale storage tank firefighting system allow it to provide ALL the foam intensities required, making it technologically highly competitive with the currently widely used firefighting alternatives.

Outdated technologies


storage tank firefighting DEMONSTRATION


To demonstrate the power of FoamFatale storage tank firefighting, we ignited a 500 sqm storage tank. In addition, we let the fire burn for 30 seconds to be more convincing. After this pre-burning period, we released the foam that put the fire in 40 seconds.

storage tank firefighting demonstration

storage tank on fire

storage tank firefighting demonstration

almost extinguished

storage tank firefighting demonstration

the end

Hell's fire


We are staging the world’s biggest firefighting show, the most monumental show the fire-fighting industry has ever seen, to convince everyone how true what we say is. See the demonstration in person, live on-site, and even be our VIP guest!

Will FomFatale extinguish the hell’s fire in two minutes?

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storage tank firefighting: the Hell's Fire Project
We build a 100 m diam. storage tank ...
storage tank firefighting: the Hell's Fire Project
... we fill the storage tank with flammable oil product ...
storage tank firefighting: Hell's Fire Project
... and we will set on fire it.

No mercy for the fire: the fatal foam ends it!

About the brand name

The brand name of the technology is a play on words, derived from the word “Femme Fatale”. The term originates from the French phrase femme fatale, which means ‘deadly woman’ or ‘lethal woman’. An irresistible Femme Fatale, such as Mata Hari, is a mysterious and seductive woman whose charms attract men and often lead them into compromising and, therefore, dangerous and deadly situations. Above all, the name FoamFatale® refers to the main feature of the technology. The irresistible extinguishing foam puts out fires with ferocity. No mercy for fire.

storage tank firefighting: Femme Fatale

The fire has no chance of survival


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Fire destroys Mobil petrol station on Hume Highway at Coolac, near Gundagaing

Oil depot catches fire in occupied Makiivka

Saudi Aramco’s Jeddah oil depot hit by Houthi attack

storage tank firefighting

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A storage tank fire can have catastrophic consequences, causing loss of life, destruction of property, and environmental damage. As a result, they can also lead to disruptions in supply chains and severe economic impacts. The causes of storage tank fires can vary from human error to equipment failure and natural disasters. Preventive measures such as proper maintenance, training, and monitoring systems can help reduce the risks. In the event of a storage tank fire, rapid response and appropriate equipment should be used, and effective communication with authorities and nearby communities is critical to managing the situation.

The fires reported in the news would probably not have made the news had FoamFatale been in charge of their fire protection.

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